• Unified Billings

• Intelligent Collections

• One Click Payments

• Client Billing Portal

Why Oddr

Leveraging AI, Automation, and Data Intelligence, Oddr helps firms manage the entire Invoice to Cash process efficiently through a single platform.

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Billing Re-invented

Oddr provides a unified approach to reduce errors and improve traceability & collaboration of the bill generation and submission processes.

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Seamless Payments

Oddr provides integrated one-click payments, scheduling future payments & automated cash reconciliation.

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Intelligent Collections

Oddr provides invoice tracking, predictive AI, and automation to improve realization and get reliable cash flow models.

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Client Billing Portal

Oddr improves customer satisfaction scores by providing customers access to current and historical invoices. 

Oddr focusses on

Leveraging AI, Automation and Data to help firms manage the entire invoice to cash cycle efficiently, and through a single platform.

Billing Reinvented.png

Billing Re-Invented:

Unified billing approach to improve efficiency, traceability, collaboration and visibility of the billing processes and workflows for both physical (mail and pdf) and electronic (e-billed) invoices.

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Intelligent Collections:

Collection process is ripe for improvement with efficiencies to tracking, payment timing considerations, effective discounting strategies and cash flow prediction.

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Integrated payments and automated reconciliation:

Oddr supports integration with leading payment platforms to make payment and cash reconciliation automated and more accurate.

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Client Billing Portal:

Oddr platform helps improve customer satisfaction score significantly by providing customers access to current and historical invoices, key billing information while promoting trust, transparency and self-service.

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