Enhancing Data Security Against Phishing and Unauthorized Access

Enhancing Data Security

At Oddr, we are deeply committed to ensuring the security and integrity of your data, especially in the face of increasing threats like phishing and unauthorized access to your documents. Our platform, used by your law firm for invoice-related communications, incorporates advanced measures to protect sensitive information.

Look for Personalized Content
We include your personalized Client and Matter information in each email, a first line of defense against phishing. Phishing emails often look very similar to legitimate ones, but they likely wouldn't have this personalized information and may also contain links that direct you to malicious sites instead of Oddr. While the presence of this information alone doesn't guarantee that an email is legitimate, it gives you additional assurance that the email originated from your law firm via Oddr. Most bulk phishing attacks won't have this information, and by making each message distinct and identifiable, we empower you to recognize authentic communications from potential threats easily. We also strongly advise you to verify that all links in your emails lead you directly to only. Any deviation from this norm could indicate a security threat. We recommend caution and immediate contact with our support team or your law firm for verification in such cases.

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Time-limited Links Instead of PDF Attachments
In addition, the links to your documents in our emails are time-limited. This feature guards against unauthorized access and balances security and convenience. These links have a set expiration, providing better security than attachments like PDFs, which are non-retractable once they leave your inbox. Oddr's time-limited links ensure your documents remain secure even after they're sent. If you need continued access when a link expires, a single click resends a new unique link to the original email address, ensuring you always have the necessary information.

Secure Client Portal for Ultimate Security
The optional Oddr Secure Client Portal completely eliminates invoice transit via traditional methods like email. It securely delivers all invoices from your law firm to you within the protected Oddr ecosystem, mitigating any potential risks of fraudulent activity associated with them. Contact your law firm to get an invitation to the Oddr Secure Client Portal to securely access your current and historical invoices, and completely eliminate any risks of phishing attacks with invoice delivery.

Your security is our highest priority. Should you encounter any suspicious emails or if you have any security concerns, do not hesitate to contact your law firms or Oddr support at

At Oddr, we are constantly working to maintain your trust and provide a communication experience that is not only efficient but, more importantly, secure.

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