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The Invoice to Cash Platform for Law Firms

Oddr offers the industry’s first invoice to cash management platform. We centralize, simplify and streamline the entire legal billing lifecycle.

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Oddr Invoice to Cash Process
our mission statement
Our mission is to centralize, streamline and accelerate every step of the invoicing process — from bill creation, to bill delivery, to collections, to reconciliation.

Is your firm struggling with common invoice-to-cash challenges?

bill prep error
Preparing bills is painful

Typically generating multiple bill formats (print, PDF, and electronic), firms rely heavily on the manual efforts of diligent internal staff. These teams work hard and have critical knowledge and understanding, but the overall process can be inefficient.

delivery error
Delivering bills is daunting

With most firms relying on paper and PDF bills, delivery is a cumbersome, manual, email-driven exercise — with no visibility of what’s happening on the client side. And while it’s “instant,” e-billing creates its own problems with validation gaps forcing manual intervention.

collections error
Collections are challenging

Waiting for clients to pay or even acknowledge bill receipt is everyone’s favorite part. To manage this, firms rely on manual tracking, review, escalation, and follow-up from finance staff, and clients “love” those reminder emails.

reconciliation error
Reconciliations add onerous overhead

Clients sending paper checks (or un-labeled direct electronic transfers) create more overhead for finance teams responsible for tracking collections in the firm's financial management system. And firm management asking for real-time updates on cash flow doesn't help stress levels much.

These challenges create very real (and really big) problems for law firms, including:

  • Lack of management visibility
  • Unnecessary delays and high DSO
  • Increased write-offs
  • Greater operating expenses and overhead
  • Impacted client service and satisfaction
Revenue Down

Oddr Centralizes, Simplifies and Streamlines the invoice to cash lifecycle

bill prep success
We take the pain out of bill prep

Whether you’re generating a paper bill, an ePDF, or an e-bill, Oddr streamlines bill creation. Our platform centralizes the critical internal collaboration, review, and finalization steps necessary to bill efficiently. And rules-based validation, exception management, metrics, and dashboards bring practical insight to billing staff and firm management.

delivery success
We make bill delivery a delight

Imagine a world where client billing emails are centralized, standardized, and tracked — so you can see when clients receive, review, and act on bills. Imagine a unified, intuitive dashboard that shows overall progress and escalates issues. You don’t have to imagine anymore.

collections success
Cha-Ching! Carefree collections

With greater visibility over client bill review — and new tools like automated, rules-based reminders and internal escalations — Oddr cuts the stress, delay, and surprise out of cash collection. And with integrated electronic payment options, we gently enable clients to modernize their own remittance practices, benefitting everyone.

reconciliation success
We reinvent reconciliation

Finance teams love Oddr because our platform breaks down the barriers to quick and easy reconciliation — with capabilities including automated data integration with the practice management system and intelligent operational analytics. And management, in turn, loves finance because they’re able to provide greater visibility faster.

The Oddr Advantage “From Cradle to Collection”

  • Improved billing visibility and predictability
  • New levels of automation, efficiency and certainty
  • Empowered and efficient staff
  • Reduced DSOs, a smoother client payment experience, and easier collections
  • Advanced AI and analytics, enabling sophisticated modeling and forecasting
Oddr Application Screen

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