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AI-Powered Invoice to Cash Platform

Built for professional services firms

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Oddr Benefits

The core product philosophy of Oddr starts with a unified platform built on AI, data, and automation. Oddr helps firms streamline their manual and paper processes through automation. Oddr enables firms to make data and AI-based business decisions that positively impact the business and growth strategy of the firm while lowering bottom line costs.

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Operational Costs

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Client NPS

Today's Processes are Broken
Delayed Invoice.png

Delayed Invoices

Firms struggle with different invoicing requirements that leave the firm frustrated and cause delays, which impacts cash flow directly.

High Operational Overhead.png

High Operational Overhead

Firms incur unnecessary operational overhead costs due to the paper-based approach, lack of automated workflows, and manual cash receipt reconciliation.

High Writeoff.png

High Write Offs

Delayed billings, no traceability, and inefficient collections combined with a lack of data-driven approach results in higher write-offs.

Low CSAT Score.png

Low CSAT scores

Customers are often left frustrated with late bills, no easy collaboration with their firms around invoices, and with no option for self-services.

Why Oddr

Leveraging AI, Automation, and Data Intelligence, Oddr helps firms manage the entire Invoice to Cash process efficiently through a single platform.

Billing Reinvented.png

Billing Re-Invented:

Oddr provides a unified approach to reduce errors and improve traceability & collaboration of the bill generation and submission processes.

Intelligent Collection.png

Intelligent Collections:

Oddr provides invoice tracking, predictive AI, and automation to improve realization and get reliable cash flow models.

Integrated Payment.png

Seamless Payments:

Oddr provides integrated one-click payments, scheduling future payments & automated cash reconciliation.

Increase Client NPS.png

Client Billing Portal:

Oddr improves customer satisfaction scores by providing customers access to current and historical invoices. 

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