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The Invoice to Cash Platform for Law Firms

AI + Analytics + Automation = Awesome

Today, law firms face tremendous challenges efficiently managing the bill-to-collections lifecycle. As one finance leader put it: “It’s not really one process at our firm, it’s more like seven or eight… or maybe twelve.”

Founded by legal tech veterans, who worked with IT and finance professionals at over 80 law firms to understand their specific billing lifecycle needs, Oddr is changing the equation.

Oddr offers the industry’s first cash to collects management platform. Our mission is to centralize, streamline and accelerate every step of the process — from bill creation, to bill delivery, to collections, to reconciliation. In doing so, we’re enabling new possibilities in analytics, forecasting, and client service.

These challenges create very real (and really big) problems for law firms, including:
  • Lack of management visibility

  • Unnecessary delays and high DSOs (Days Sales Outstanding)

  • Increased write-offs

  • Greater operating expense and overhead

  • Impacted client service and satisfaction

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How does Oddr bring value in invoice to cash process?

Is your firm struggling with common invoice-to-cash challenges?

Typically generating multiple bill formats (print, ePDF and electronic), firms rely heavily on the manual efforts of diligent internal staff. (These teams work hard, and have critical knowledge and understanding, but the overall process can be inefficient.)

Preparing bills is painful

With most firms relying on paper and PDF bills, delivery is a cumbersome, manual, email-driven exercise — with no visibility of what’s happening on the client side. (And while it’s “instant,” e-billing creates its own problems with validation gaps forcing manual intervention.)

Delivering bills is daunting

Waiting for clients to pay, or even acknowledge bill receipt, is everyone’s favorite part. To manage this, firms rely on manual tracking, review, escalation and follow up from finance staff. (And clients “love” those reminder emails.)

Collections are challenging

Clients sending paper checks (or un-labeled direct electronic transfers) creates more overhead for finance teams responsible for tracking collections in the firm financial management system. (And firm management asking for real-time updates on cash flow doesn’t help stress levels much.)

Reconciliations cause real pain

How does Oddr bring value in invoice to cash process?

Oddr improves DSO by 30% through automation and streamlined entire Invoice to cash with tracking and traceability.

Reduce DSO

Oddr provides integrated one click payments & automated cash reconciliation.

Seamless Payments

Oddr provides invoice tracking, predictive AI, and deep client patterns and intelligence to improve realisation and get reliable cash flow models.

Increase Collections

Oddr improves customer satisfaction scores by providing customers self service billing portal to build trust, transparency and collaboration.

Client Billing portal

Meet the Team

A great team achieves great outcomes! Oddr is proud to have a one of the smartest teams that is uniquely motivated and we all beleive in work hard and play hard!

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