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Invoicing is an activity that happens thousands of times at a law firm. Yet, there are very limited learnings that are applied from the current billing cycle to the next one to help firms reduce DSO and lower write-offs.  Oddr uses advanced AI and analytics, enabling predictive modeling and forecasting to offer unique insights. These insights enable firm leadership to make data-driven decisions, transforming the way law firms do business.

Cash Flow Predictions

Cash flow is critical for a law firm's smooth operations. Law firms struggle to plan their operational activities primarily due to unreliable cash flow predictions. Our algorithm delivers insightful predictions, enabling you to gain a deeper understanding and effectively manage your inflows utilizing your historical data and trends.
Webinar September 26

Client AI insights

Utilizing your unique client data, Oddr AI empowers you to gain a deeper understanding of your clients, delivering both short-term insights and long-term benefits. Categorizing at-risk clients, top clients, and surfacing anomalies are some of the ways Oddr helps provide these insights.
Webinar September 26

Granular AR data

Effectively reducing DSO begins with a thorough understanding of its details and breakdown. Oddr provides that much-needed granular and detailed breakdown of the days that make up the DSO, from invoice creation to when it is paid and reconciled. These critical insights allow firms to pinpoint the issues and significantly shrink the AR cycle.
Webinar September 26
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