Bringing Oddr to chaos, one law firm at a time

Reshaping legal billing processes, our dynamic team pioneers transformative innovations for efficient invoice-to-cash lifecycle management.

Our Story

Based in Silicon Valley, Oddr is a dynamic startup reshaping how law firms handle the invoice-to-cash lifecycle. Our team comprises industry veterans with extensive experience and a remarkable track record in pioneering advancements within this particular domain.

At Oddr, we recognize the significant hurdles law firms face when efficiently managing the legal billing process. As one finance leader said, “It’s not one process at our firm; it’s more like seven or eight… or maybe twelve.” That is why we established Oddr – to bring order to the chaos!

Our founders, seasoned professionals in the legal tech field, collaborated closely with IT and finance experts from over 80 law firms. By comprehensively understanding their unique legal billing lifecycle requirements, Oddr has become the driving force behind transformative innovations within this specialized sphere.

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Our Team

At Oddr, we have crafted a dynamic team driven by a shared passion for customer satisfaction and an unwavering commitment to fostering a vibrant and enjoyable work environment. Our core belief is that while delivering exceptional value to our customers remains our top priority, we can achieve this goal by infusing every interaction with fun and camaraderie.

If you share our enthusiasm for customer-centricity and thrive in a collaborative environment that encourages professional growth and good times, we would love to hear from you!

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Our Values

Oddr prioritizes treating our customers and team members with the utmost respect, transparency, and professionalism. We value open communication and understanding our customers' needs to provide tailored solutions that exceed expectations. Internally, we foster a supportive and inclusive environment, encouraging collaboration and personal growth. Our commitment to these principles drives enduring partnerships and mutual success.

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