Oddr Collections

Efficiently managing collections poses a significant challenge for firms. Waiting for clients to pay or even acknowledge bill receipt is critical. To manage this, firms rely on manual tracking, review, escalation, and follow-up from finance staff.  The Oddr platform provides greater visibility over client bill reviews. With the introduction of tools like automated, rules-based reminders and internal escalations, Oddr cuts the stress, delay, and surprises out of cash collection. Oddr's seamlessly integrated electronic payment options empower clients to make one-click payments, streamlining the process for everyone involved.

Client behavior insights & anomaly detection

Oddr’s smart and predictive anomaly detection allows firms to identify problems well in advance, allowing them to perform corrective actions as required. The firms can meaningfully reduce the number of outstanding invoices for longer periods, reducing the Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) significantly.
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Auto statement delivery

Through deep automation, our platform automates routine tasks such as monthly statement reminders to clients, ensuring timely deliveries and preventing potential payment delays. Oddr's smart and automated statements lower operating costs and increase the team's productivity by eliminating the manual effort required to send out thousands of statements.
Webinar September 26

Reminders to follow up

In addition to overseeing invoices and their deliveries, our platform assists firms in optimizing their priorities with precision. With a dependable reminder feature, you can entrust your task checklist to our platform, allowing us to prompt you precisely when action is required. Our smart checklist ensures that the team is always working on the most important set of activities to maximize collections and cash flow for the firm.
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In addition to reminders, our platform offers contextual note-taking features related to invoices, clients, or specific matters. Say goodbye to scattered Post-its and welcome a streamlined workspace. With Oddr, the team always has access to the right information set to provide an excellent client experience in every interaction and an effective collection strategy to prevent AR leakage.
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At Oddr, we recognize that most users communicate with their clients via email. We value your existing communication methods and have seamlessly integrated your conversations into your preferred space for easy access. The net result is no client communication falls through the cracks, and there is an automated audit trail of all internal and external conversations.
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Write-Off workflow

Oddr's fully automated multi-stage workflow allows the collection team to initiate and manage write-off requests from the platform with comprehensive auditing. Attorneys and Partners can review and approve from their emails, allowing them to focus on their billable activities with minimal distractions. The Oddr platform empowers firms to reclaim valuable time by minimizing non-billable activities.
Webinar September 26
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