Oddr Secure Client Portal

Oddr provides a secure online portal for the law firm’s clients to access all their current and historical invoices and statements, enabling them to optionally access information at their fingertips.  The Portal creates a collaborative space for law firms and their clients, fostering secure information sharing that enhances transparency and elevates the overall client experience.

Insights and historical Invoices

Oddr offers your clients a one-stop portal for managing all their invoices, providing an insightful view of their outstanding and overdue invoices. Our online portal ensures the highest level of security for invoice delivery and integrated payments while streamlining these processes for added convenience.
Webinar September 26

Document collaboration

In addition to managing invoices and payments, our platform offers your clients a seamless document collaboration feature. This eliminates the need for multiple emails when sharing documents, thus streamlining the process for enhanced efficiency.
Webinar September 26

Secure Invoice delivery

The Oddr Secure Client Portal eliminates invoice transit via traditional methods like email. It securely delivers all invoices from your firm to the client within the protected Oddr ecosystem, mitigating any potential risks of fraudulent activity associated with them.
Webinar September 26
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