Oddr Billing

Streamlined Billing is core to an efficient Invoice-to-cash cycle. With most firms still heavily relying on paper and PDF bills, delivery is a cumbersome, manual, email-driven exercise with no visibility of what’s happening on the client side.  

Oddr is revolutionizing the way firms deliver their invoices. Using our innovative Billing module, law firms can elevate their billing process and their clients’ experience.  Client invoice emails are standardized, automated, and tracked so you can see when clients receive, review, and act on their invoices. Oddr provides a unified, intuitive dashboard that shows the overall progress of all your invoices and escalates issues that need attention.

Invoice Delivery and Tracking

Oddr is spearheading a revolutionary shift in the way invoices reach clients. Unlike conventional methods, Oddr ensures that invoices are not obscure black boxes, offering firms unparalleled transparency. Through Oddr's innovative approach, businesses gain real-time insights into the status of their invoices, thereby substantially decreasing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and mitigating write-offs resulting from discounts on aging accounts receivable.
Webinar September 26

Integrated Payments

Oddr provides a 1-click payment experience for your clients, eliminating any barriers to quick payments. Our platform integrates seamlessly with your preferred online payment processor. With Oddr’s integrated payments, clients pay easily and increasingly on time, helping firms shorten their DSO.
Webinar September 26

eBilling Status Updates

Presently, law firms lack a dependable automated eBilling status system, leaving them with the sole recourse of manually accessing various ELM (Enterprise Legal Management) systems to monitor eBill statuses accurately. At Oddr, we streamline and then automate this process so firms can address any eBill issues on time and significantly reduce the write-offs caused by a lack of reliable eBill statuses.
Webinar September 26
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